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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Richard and Sarah

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart


Richard and Sarah first met at an iceskating party, but it wasn't until they were talking during their first dance that Richard 'noticed' Sarah as a potential wife. He asked her what she did, and she simply stated, that she "helped at home".

Although there may seem to be nothing profound about those words, it was just what Richard Skelton wanted to hear. :D

At home I began to catch small glimpses of Richard through Sarah. Mostly she would casually mention him in conversation. Then came the day when they both went on a hike planned by mutual friends. Sarah came home glowing and texted Richard all evening. She told me I should come to the next dance practice and meet him and so I did. It was at this dance that Richard asked Sarah if he could, "be so bold as to ask her for every dance." Sarah was smitten. :D

Shortly after this Richard talked to Dad and the relationship began. Not just one relationship however. Richard began to get to know our whole family! He spent vast amounts of time at our house... driving over 45 minutes one way ,more than 3 times a week to see his girl.

It was wonderful to see! Both Richard and Sarah loved the Lord deeply and wanted only the Lord's best in the relationship.It became more and more evident the longer they courted that only God could have brought them together! Everyone in the household was in agreement and Dad gave Richard permission to ask Sarah to be his bride.

Very soon after they where engaged they set the wedding date. It would take place on August 22,2009. No longer would that be just another random summer day. :D

Plans began to start taking shape...the biggest concern would generally seem to be the wedding gown. Here again as in so many other ways the Lord showed his perfect plan. Sarah tried on Richard's mother's wedding gown and to everyone's complete surprise, it fit perfectly. It was a beautiful, oldfashioned gown which was just what Sarah had wanted. It also included a sweet veil that had been fashioned by Richards Grandmother.

As the day drew nearer everything began to fall into place. Colors where chosen and flowers picked out. Everything was a flurry of excitement and joy!

Finally the day arrives!

We spent the morning of the wedding having hair done and then Sarah, Liz and I went out to lunch before heading to the church. We talked and sang all the way there, all of us excited. We knew everything was about to change, and it some ways that would be hard...even a little sad sometimes, but it was also wonderful and good, and all in the Lord's plan! Our dear Sarah was about to take the next step in her life and we would rejoice with her! When we got to the church we found our parents busy with preprations and the groom and his men all hidden carefully away. :D

At the church we helped her with her shoes

And all lined up for pictures :D

The men also lined up for pictures

It was a beautiful and joyous bride that walked up the aisle to meet her groom!

It was a beautiful ceramony! Sunlight hit the pews polishing them gold and illuminating the faces of all who came to be witness to the joyful union. Sarah walked down the aisle beside our Father and I could see tears coming to his eyes as he took her hand and gave it over to her new earthly protector. It was a wonderful moment as we reflected on the beauty of God's timing and the way he fulfills the desires of our hearts when we commit ourselves fully to His guidance.

And now...Safe in his arms! A glorious picture of the way that Christ holds his bride! Close to his heart! Protecting, loving and caring for her!

And Finally, as the bride steps next to her husband, vowing to follow him for the rest of her days, how much more so should we follow our heavenly Father! Author and Finisher of our Salvation and Lover of our Souls!

Pictures by Sarah Plett-

Cast your Cares on the Lord
and he will sustain you;
He will never let the righteous fall
Psalm 55:22