Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday I went for a walk with Lizzie.

I was a little concerned when we started out that it was going to rain, but sometimes the desire for fresh air and the need for stretching cramped muscles, cancels out the thoughts of discomfort that arise from the consideration of getting caught in what seems will be an unavoidable rain storm.

But after all we do live in Oregon, so off we trotted, dogs on both sides of us pointing their noses to the pavement as they struggled to decipher what smells might be there. We laughed at Mee mee, the brown cocker puppy, as she pranced along beside me, a perfect picture of sweetness, reminding me of the the children's movie; "Lady and the Tramp". Nola, however seems to have a strange fascination/disregard, for the command "Heel". I had to laugh inwardly as Lizzie sternly set forth the command... She either ignored it completely, continuing on her way with a happy dog smile, or slowed down momentarily at the tug of her collar, only to bounce around like a mad dog at Lizzie's side or to sneakily press forward a minuscule amount at a time looking back over her shoulder randomly to see if her master would notice.

We wondered around in the neighborhood for a time but continued walking until we were well on the outskirts of town and traveling down a gravel road, bordered on both sides by filbert orchards. We were enjoying the freshness of the day, the wonderful smells, balmy breezes and brief, but warming sun breaks, when I was suddenly jerked forward, out of my comfortable walk, by an over eager Mee mee, suddenly finding an odd excitement in the chasing of gravel that was being thrown around by our shoes. It was the funniest thing to though each piece of gravel represented a ball that needed to be chased until caught between her paws. Yes, very funny at first, but rapidly becoming annoying, as she lunged ahead every few seconds. No command to stop or to heel would phase her and I was thrilled to finally return to pavement where she happily resumed her normal prance.

Today Liz gave Nola a bath...we are going to the beach tomorrow and Liz wanted her to come. I told her absolutely not, in my car, unless she gave her a bath and brushed her. I had sort of hoped that the idea of hauling the huge dog into the tub and cleaning up the mess afterward would make her less enthusiastic, but instead she happily agreed and off she went.

The sounds I heard coming from the upstairs bathroom did not sound like pleasant ones for man or beast! There was thumping and scurrying on the linoleum as Nola attempted to jump out of the tub and made it only part way, and then there was the frequent;"NO, NO!!!! Bad Dog!!!! " from Lizzie as she struggled to keep the beast from pushing her into the bathtub as well. I peeked in at one point to find Liz sitting on the side of the tub, Nola practically in her lap and the walls and floor plastered with dog hair. Already plastered, mind you- and the dog not even out of the tub yet!

I couldn't imagine that giving that dog a bath could be at all fun, but both came down stairs an hour later looking as happy as they could possibly be. If Nola could laugh I'm sure she would have then. They rolled around in the dining room for awhile playing a game of, whatever its called when the human trys to brush and the dog trys to get away? Jacob the white cocker looked disdainfully down from the grooming table where Mama was brushing him, as if to say "we spaniels are above such things. " You have to smile as you think about what a dog might say if he only he could. :D