Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Monday, March 15, 2010

Endeavoring To Use The Time Wisely

He always has a plan if we will but let Him Guide!
Ever since I quit my job last year and came home to be with my family as my parents suggested, I had been a little discontent. I'm an active person by nature I think, and all of my jobs since high school had kept me practically on the run much of the time. When I came home it was easy to stay busy at first...learning to keep up with household chores, getting into the swing of things and relearning "home routine", but after that was accomplished I found myself wondering what to do with myself next! The Bible instructs us to "redeem the time" and to "not eat the bread of idleness", and as those verses kept popping up again and again I found them convicting me terribly! I didn't feel neccesarliy idle... I still had daily work to do, I just wanted to use my free time in productive ways that were honoring to the Lord! I'd never really had much free time to think about before! And now here it was staring me in the face every day after 2 pm! For a while I prayed about it, read up on it, asked people about it, but I didn't seem to be getting any answers in that direction, until one day I was talking to my aunt and she suggested I call and talk to a young woman she knew who might have some good ideas. I don't know why, but I procrastinated on that phone call for about a week... finally last Tuesday I felt prompted more than ever to call this young woman. I must say that it was one of the most encouraging visits ever! I was so blessed and thankful as she talked to me for over an hour and a half, telling me about her single years (she is now married), how she usefully employed her time, her home business, the ministry opportunities she was able to be involved in, etc... One of the biggest points she brought across was prayer! So that very day I started to pray about what I could do and that the Lord would bring about opportunities for ministry. Right away he laid upon my heart, the ministry I already have at home: the blessing of being able to help care for Majesta and my Gramma Evelyn.

There really is so much truth in the saying:"Bloom where you're planted"!( Now for the patience and diligence to continue blooming! ) Soon, within the week actually, He brought even more opportunities...things I would never have thought of! Friends began suggesting things out of the blue! It was so exciting! Also the Lord layed upon my heart the ministry I have even with my own sisters! Being an example for Liz, helping Sarah now that she's pregnant. There seemed to be opportunity knocking in every direction and I was thrilled!

In short I'm so looking forward to the months and years ahead. It seems as though the Lord has made clear to my heart recently how very precious His plans are for us and I feel so thankful and blessed and excited for life!

Yet He has not left Himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from the heaven and crops in their seasons. He provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy .
Acts 14:17

I will rejoice greatly in the Lord, My soul will exult in my God...
Isaiah 61:10

And whatever your hand finds to do, do it with ALL you're might.

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