Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I went away on a retreat this last weekend with some friends. It was an awesome time with great teaching, great friends, even some pretty great food! I enjoyed myself so much, but as we packed up after it was over and piled into the vehicles, I couldn't help the excitement I felt for coming home! I was eager to see my family, to hear about all that they had done, to eat at the table with everyone enjoying table talk... I was even excited to see if all the daffodils in the front flower beds had bloomed yet and how the cherry trees were coming along!
It was so completely pleasant to drive into the drive way and be met with hugs and kisses. We all went into the house, and it was the best feeling in the world to be home.... All the right smells and sounds! The best people in the world gathered around! Even the dogs barking couldn't annoy me that night! I was completely exhausted, but completely happy! It had been awhile since I'd been away for longer than a night or so and lately I hadn't really been appreciating how sweet home is! In fact, quite honestly, I had been complaining about it some and feeling a bit frustrated with the work, but over the retreat I had time to think about it and found myself missing it! I know now that the Lord used that time to refresh my spirit and show me what a great blessing he has given me In my family and home. I continued to be refreshed even after returning home, and for the first time in a very long time I felt contented! Everything seems right even if its hard and I'm glad that I can be a daughter at home helping my family! I'm so blessed that the Lord has given me this place in life at this time.

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