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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

Sometimes I feel like being diligent is the hardest thing in the world! Ever since the age of about 10 I have been conscience of what I put in my mouth...whether or not its healthy, etc... I read a lot of books through high school about health and nutrition and was always eager to put it into practice. Lately however I seem to have become a little slack in this area... not being consistent at all.
So I've decided to start working on it again. I decided that for 2 months I will not eat these things:

Sour cream
Oils (with the exception of high quality flax and olive oil)
Milk ( unless its whole and raw )
Sweets (No white refined sugar or products made with them )
White Refined Flour or flour products ( includes pasta)

I have noticed such a change in how I feel after only having been off these things for a couple days. My stomach feels great! I had noticed that when I was eating a lot of pasteurized dairy products and refined flours and sugars that I was constantly feeling ill. My tummy felt uncomfortable and I often felt listless and irritable.
Here are the things that I have decided, after doing some research, that I would still enjoy :

All fruits and veggies fresh or frozen- canned items lose to many vitamins
Chicken /Beef/ and Fish
Beans and Rice
Oat and nut milks: our family has tried a delicious oat and hazelnut milk that is organic and very satisfying
Raw, organic milk
Organic Yogurt ( contains probiotics and live cultures) Sooo good for you!
Whole grain bread and pasta ( In moderation)

There are lots of other things that I probably haven't mentioned here, but my goal is to eat things as close to the way God created them as possible. Organic foods are a bit more expensive, but my parents have decided that they are worth it. They are so much more flavorful and good for you and your not putting all those nasty chemicals and gmo's into your body.

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