Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayer Warriors!

~For the constant and effectual prayer of the righteous man availeth much~

Sometimes as a young woman in our culture ,it seems to me, to be completely overwhelming to see the world going on around me as it does. We hear on the news about the terrible decisions our government makes every day, we see articles, advertisements and pictures everywhere that openly boast our country's obsession with wealth, beauty, possessions and a myriad of other things that don't count for anything in God's eyes! It can all be so very frustrating and lately it had left me feeling helpless! What can we do to change things!
Tonight while I was reading a book by Debi Pearl (highly recommend this author by the way) an answer came to mind immediately! She was talking about being "prayer warriors". I confess I had never heard of being a prayer warrior before, but it sounded strong and exciting so I kept reading. As prayer warriors the Lord can use us to help others! We can be fighting for our families, for our leaders, for our country! We can be waging the war from our own homes by taking the time to beseech the Lord on their behalf! Probably we've often prayed for our families and close friends or the missionaries overseas, etc... and those are all WONDERFUL things! Continue doing so! But how about our leaders! We can start with the leaders in our own home...our fathers, brothers, husbands! They are often the ones to enter the world every day through the work force...they are the ones who leave their homes everyday to fight for their families! We should be actively and constantly praying for them to be strong and courageous warriors for the Lord as they fight through the evil they deal with every day! Recently it came to my mind, that my Dad goes to work five days a week from early morning until late afternoon and fights for us! He works hard to provide and take care of us and I can't remember him once ever complaining! He has seen his hard earned wages buy us clothes and food and home throughout the years and he smiles and hugs and says he loves us! What better testimony is there!
So what can I do? I can pray for him! I can pray every day, twice a day! As often as I can! It really is such a huge thing! Through our prayers for our leaders at home we are affecting all the people our leader runs into throughout the day! Lets pray for him to be a powerful soul winner for the Lord! Just by his godly actions and wise decisions he is testimony of God's grace and power! The Lord can use him mightily and we can help! I encourage you to find a place to go to daily, and spend time there praying! Pray for all those leaders you know! Lift them up to the Lord and pray that the Lord will use them, that they would have strength and be courageous for Him! The turnaround of a nation starts with the nations families. This is something we can do! Lets be warriors for our King!


  1. Amen! Thank you so much for the reminder Trin!

  2. I needed that Trin! What book was that?

  3. Its called "Preparing To Be His Helpmeet", it just came out on the 16th of April, and its authored by Debi Pearl- I would heartily recommend it to any young woman, its scriptural based, encouraging, inspiring and informative! :D