Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Love You!

Last Sunday it had been 3 years since Jesta's accident... today I started missing her again. I always miss her in a way....but some days I miss her very much, usually when something strikes up a memory that touches my heart. Today it was because I sat down to read a book and I suddenly thought of how much she would have loved to read it. I think I've mentioned before how much she loved to read.

One of my favorite special times with Jesta was when we lived in Tillamook. She had a job and a drivers license way before the rest of us and one night a week, usually on Tuesdays she would take me to the library. We would both pick out a good book and then we would go to Safeway across the street and she would buy us a cinnamon roll to split. We would sit in the car and eat our cinnamon roll together and laugh and sometimes read a bit of our book, but we always had so much fun! It was such an ordinary thing...going to the Library, but Jesta had a knack for making something simple a special treat and I looked forward to it every week. :D

One funny thing that I remember about Jesta was her very adamant dislike of exercise... some exercises she disliked more than others, but mainly she rather hated them all. :D

One time however, I talked her into doing a Pilate's class at the YMCA in Tillamook, where I worked as lifeguard. We got an employees discount and a membership discount, and so it was really far to good an offer to pass up! She finally agreed and we vigilantly went to the class every other day for a month. I can't even begin to explain about the horrible pain in the first week, but it was soon gone and the class began to be a special time that we could enjoy together. Sarah, Liz, and Mom joined also and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday we would look forward to the class. We( Sarah, Liz and I) would sometimes break out into fits of laughter during class because the instructor had such a funny Hispanic/french accent. :D She was hilarious and often said "boing" rather than "point" if you can imagine that. Jesta kept telling us to hush, but I know she was laughing too! :D

One of her specialty's was sewing. She worked at a fabric store for a while and always brought home all kinds of fascinating things for us to look at... she would then commence sewing them onto her clothing...tiny gems on her jean appliqued butterfly on her denim skirt... she was always working delicate threads, beads and darling buttons onto the squares of a crazy quilt. She was extremely talented in this area as well as abundantly patient.
She was an artist with an embroidery needle and created all sorts of lovely things. She tried to teach me to quilt once or twice...I think I was pretty impatient and now I wish I had taken the time to learn more.

She's such a beautiful person with such a big heart for other people. She loved children and making new friends and she loved we sisters. She was an excellent big sister! She could play the violin very well and when we were in high school, with Sarah on her flute and me on the piano, we would have concerts in our living room for our parents, or for guests sometimes. I never really enjoyed playing in front of people other than my family, but Jesta never minded and that gave me confidence. Now I look back and am so glad we made those memories!

Yes, some days are harder than others, I miss her a lot, our whole family does. We pray for her every day and think about her always and try to take care of her in the best possible ways. Sometimes I'll walk through the room where she lives and I'll find her smiling. I always wonder what brought that sparkling smile to her lips and what her mind has found to think about? I go over by the bed, but she doesn't seem to be looking at me, but past me? Is she remembering too? Is something special or funny passing through her mind? Is she remembering her Saviour? Her King? Did His love and care bring a smile to her mouth? He knows what she's thinking and even when she doesn't see the rest of us, He is with her! I love her so! He loves her so much more! We are so blessed!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did you Know??????

Today I was watching a lecture with my Mom about health, and I learned these decidedly frightening facts about what we eat and the many problems with the Standard American Diet, IE, SAD.

Did you know:

White refined sugar and its relatives: brown sugar, high fructose and regular corn syrup, cane syrup, pasteurized honey, sucrose, etc... are all detrimental to your brain and are considered by many health experts to be just as addictive as common street drugs?

The average American eats 200+ lbs of sugar a year.

Even a small amount of sugar shuts down your immune system for 4 hours! Making you susceptible to any and every germ out there.

The average american teenage boy drinks over 55 oz of soda pop every day

The average american teenage girl drinks over 45 oz of soda pop every day

The primary artificial sweetners in most so called 'diet foods' contain an ingrediant used commonly in ant poisoning.

The craving for chocolate is caused by a magnesium deficiancy in most cases

Splenda is proven to be just as addictive as refined sugars and in some cases even more so

The cells in refined sugars are so small that they are able to penetrate the tissue in the top of your mouth and go right to your brain-

It takes less that 30 minutes for sugar that is in your stomach to reach your brain... and it enters your blood stream already converted to blood sugar, which causes a panic attack of your system and creates what we call a 'sugar high' ...

Refined Sugars literally burn up your brain.

The amount of sugar in a can of soda is equvilent to more that 10 sugar cubes.

There are generally more that 140 differant types of veggies in our grocery stores... did you know that only about 4 of those vegatables are eaten by the American public? How many have you tried?

This is just what I learned this morning... some of it I was already aware of but there was a lot I was not. America is literally poisoning itself! Most of my information here is about sugar, but there are many areas of the food pyramid that we should be enlightened about. Do you know what goes into the average loaf of 'whole wheat' bread on the supermarket shelf... have you read up about the unpronounceable ingredients in most of the deli meats we by? What about hydrogenated oils and fats? Whats wrong with white flour? What about bacon? Have you ever heard of GMO's? Soy? ETC! Lets get active about our health, people! This isn't the way we were created to eat! The Lord created food on our planet first and then we were created. We were designed to fit into His food plan, the food plan wasn't created to cater around us. By trying to do this in our rich ( well, not so much any more )and, pampered country we have become the fattest and most unhealthy nation in the world. Now that's a fact to think about.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A couple of weekends ago we planned a camping trip for Lizzy's nineteenth birthday. It turned out to be a delightfully dry weekend... a little damp and cool on the first day, but a perfect sunny day the next. :D

You practically always had better start out or end the day with Starbucks... :D It just makes life better!

This is our campsite! :D Isn't it lovely!

Mandy came camping with us. She got to spend a lot of time in this chair where she could best stay out of trouble and we could keep an eye on her.

My very pretty sisters with their very pretty smiles!

The Gilliams were able to come spend the day with us....

The two cuties! Its the birthday girl and her special guy! :D

Hey Mandy! Still hangin out are you! :D Don't you just love that face!
By the way, Mandy just loves auntie Trin. :D Is it bribery to feed her lots of treats? :D

I believe this is the kiss that pacified Richards wrath.... :D ..... And this would be Richards wrath! :D

The sweet little pregnant lady has a turn...

We had such a blast! :D

Smile Guys! You're on film! (Ok, so maybe you're just on my blog!)

Sar' cuddling with Mandy while we made dinner...Mandy acually ended up drinking Sarah's punch out of the cup to her right. We didn't even notice until Sarah went to take a drink and the punch was already gone. Mandy had a telltale punch ring on her whiskers.
Bad dog? :D

And we had the most amazing delicious bruschetta and french bread!
We definately ate gourmet over the campfire!

Lizzie recieved cupcake lotion for one of her gifts.
Dan had a sniff too....but I forgot to post that picture.
Aww Rich! Don't you want a hug!

How's about a kiss instead! :D

Aww I love you guys!

Yes...all in all it was a lovely, relaxing time! I think I could probably camp for the entire summer without a single complaint! :D

Blessed People!

The Lord Jesus described the true citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven by a most lovely name...He called them "the blessed ones", or as a quite literal translation would express it, "the happy poeple"; for blessed does mean happy in the sense of being perfectly whole and perfectly in harmony with God's will and purposes for us.

From Hannah Hurnards: "Walking Among the Unseen"

Its a very happy thought to know that the Lord is over all and controls all things. Its somehow a release for our souls to be able to cease from worry, knowing that everything has a design and an end. Maybe the hardest thing is to give up the burden? Sometimes we hold on when we should let go... as his children we aren't supposed to hang on to the load, just put it in His very capable hands. I have to learn to trust him more! Oh to have the faith and trust of Paul and Silas, singing their hearts out to the Lord even in prison! There is an example of a happy (blessed) people! :D

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.
Proverbs 3:5&6

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today I was putting a zipper in a dress for Lizzy and talking to my Gramma...she was sitting in her chair rocking back and forth sweetly like Gramma's often do, and getting that far away look in her eyes... the look that means a splendid memory is about to be recalled. :D
She told me about her Gramma, who was apparently her very good friend. Her name was Mary Amanda, and she was a seamstress. Gramma told me about how she taught Sewing and HomeEc at her school and helped her learn to sew. She told about long hours spent hemming the very full skirts of her day, completely by hand. She talked about the lovely things her Gramma used to make and about a very special young woman they knew who had the privilege of having a custom made wedding gown... She said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.
These are all things that I didn't know about my Gramma! It is such a treat now to sit and share a basket of laundry folding together or to wash dishes while she drys. She tells AMAZING stories! Sometimes when we view our grandparents or the elderly we forget that they where young once! They were vital and alive and full of dreams and plans and adventure! If we are blessed with christian grandparents we are also blessed with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom! They have been there! They have experienced it! They know!
My Dad has been encouraging me to spend time with my Gramma and the trunk of pictures that she gave us. I'm supposed to ask my Gramma about the people in the pictures and the stories behind them. I admit that I have been slow about keeping with this, but when I did sit down with her I had filled several notebook pages within a half hour or so. Sometimes she would talk faster than I could write! It was fun and educational and I learned all kinds of things about my extended family! I met my great grandparents through a picture of them standing outside of there very cute home. I met my Gramma's best friend posing in a darling, now vintage dress, and I got to see a picture of my very handsome Grampa in his military uniform. I wish I could get the pictures on here for you to see! Sometime soon hopefully!
But really my point in posting is to encourage us all to take a little time for the elderly! Even if your grandparents aren't around maybe you could volunteer at a nursing home or retirement center. From my experience they are ALWAYS willing and excited to visit with you! Often they love to share stories and fun facts about times they lived through... take notes and write a paper! Learn! Its so exciting!!! Even if you aren't writing papers or volunteering just taking the time to spend a few extra minutes with the elderly in your circle will greatly bless your heart!