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~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A couple of weekends ago we planned a camping trip for Lizzy's nineteenth birthday. It turned out to be a delightfully dry weekend... a little damp and cool on the first day, but a perfect sunny day the next. :D

You practically always had better start out or end the day with Starbucks... :D It just makes life better!

This is our campsite! :D Isn't it lovely!

Mandy came camping with us. She got to spend a lot of time in this chair where she could best stay out of trouble and we could keep an eye on her.

My very pretty sisters with their very pretty smiles!

The Gilliams were able to come spend the day with us....

The two cuties! Its the birthday girl and her special guy! :D

Hey Mandy! Still hangin out are you! :D Don't you just love that face!
By the way, Mandy just loves auntie Trin. :D Is it bribery to feed her lots of treats? :D

I believe this is the kiss that pacified Richards wrath.... :D ..... And this would be Richards wrath! :D

The sweet little pregnant lady has a turn...

We had such a blast! :D

Smile Guys! You're on film! (Ok, so maybe you're just on my blog!)

Sar' cuddling with Mandy while we made dinner...Mandy acually ended up drinking Sarah's punch out of the cup to her right. We didn't even notice until Sarah went to take a drink and the punch was already gone. Mandy had a telltale punch ring on her whiskers.
Bad dog? :D

And we had the most amazing delicious bruschetta and french bread!
We definately ate gourmet over the campfire!

Lizzie recieved cupcake lotion for one of her gifts.
Dan had a sniff too....but I forgot to post that picture.
Aww Rich! Don't you want a hug!

How's about a kiss instead! :D

Aww I love you guys!

Yes...all in all it was a lovely, relaxing time! I think I could probably camp for the entire summer without a single complaint! :D

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