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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did you Know??????

Today I was watching a lecture with my Mom about health, and I learned these decidedly frightening facts about what we eat and the many problems with the Standard American Diet, IE, SAD.

Did you know:

White refined sugar and its relatives: brown sugar, high fructose and regular corn syrup, cane syrup, pasteurized honey, sucrose, etc... are all detrimental to your brain and are considered by many health experts to be just as addictive as common street drugs?

The average American eats 200+ lbs of sugar a year.

Even a small amount of sugar shuts down your immune system for 4 hours! Making you susceptible to any and every germ out there.

The average american teenage boy drinks over 55 oz of soda pop every day

The average american teenage girl drinks over 45 oz of soda pop every day

The primary artificial sweetners in most so called 'diet foods' contain an ingrediant used commonly in ant poisoning.

The craving for chocolate is caused by a magnesium deficiancy in most cases

Splenda is proven to be just as addictive as refined sugars and in some cases even more so

The cells in refined sugars are so small that they are able to penetrate the tissue in the top of your mouth and go right to your brain-

It takes less that 30 minutes for sugar that is in your stomach to reach your brain... and it enters your blood stream already converted to blood sugar, which causes a panic attack of your system and creates what we call a 'sugar high' ...

Refined Sugars literally burn up your brain.

The amount of sugar in a can of soda is equvilent to more that 10 sugar cubes.

There are generally more that 140 differant types of veggies in our grocery stores... did you know that only about 4 of those vegatables are eaten by the American public? How many have you tried?

This is just what I learned this morning... some of it I was already aware of but there was a lot I was not. America is literally poisoning itself! Most of my information here is about sugar, but there are many areas of the food pyramid that we should be enlightened about. Do you know what goes into the average loaf of 'whole wheat' bread on the supermarket shelf... have you read up about the unpronounceable ingredients in most of the deli meats we by? What about hydrogenated oils and fats? Whats wrong with white flour? What about bacon? Have you ever heard of GMO's? Soy? ETC! Lets get active about our health, people! This isn't the way we were created to eat! The Lord created food on our planet first and then we were created. We were designed to fit into His food plan, the food plan wasn't created to cater around us. By trying to do this in our rich ( well, not so much any more )and, pampered country we have become the fattest and most unhealthy nation in the world. Now that's a fact to think about.

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