Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today I was putting a zipper in a dress for Lizzy and talking to my Gramma...she was sitting in her chair rocking back and forth sweetly like Gramma's often do, and getting that far away look in her eyes... the look that means a splendid memory is about to be recalled. :D
She told me about her Gramma, who was apparently her very good friend. Her name was Mary Amanda, and she was a seamstress. Gramma told me about how she taught Sewing and HomeEc at her school and helped her learn to sew. She told about long hours spent hemming the very full skirts of her day, completely by hand. She talked about the lovely things her Gramma used to make and about a very special young woman they knew who had the privilege of having a custom made wedding gown... She said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.
These are all things that I didn't know about my Gramma! It is such a treat now to sit and share a basket of laundry folding together or to wash dishes while she drys. She tells AMAZING stories! Sometimes when we view our grandparents or the elderly we forget that they where young once! They were vital and alive and full of dreams and plans and adventure! If we are blessed with christian grandparents we are also blessed with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom! They have been there! They have experienced it! They know!
My Dad has been encouraging me to spend time with my Gramma and the trunk of pictures that she gave us. I'm supposed to ask my Gramma about the people in the pictures and the stories behind them. I admit that I have been slow about keeping with this, but when I did sit down with her I had filled several notebook pages within a half hour or so. Sometimes she would talk faster than I could write! It was fun and educational and I learned all kinds of things about my extended family! I met my great grandparents through a picture of them standing outside of there very cute home. I met my Gramma's best friend posing in a darling, now vintage dress, and I got to see a picture of my very handsome Grampa in his military uniform. I wish I could get the pictures on here for you to see! Sometime soon hopefully!
But really my point in posting is to encourage us all to take a little time for the elderly! Even if your grandparents aren't around maybe you could volunteer at a nursing home or retirement center. From my experience they are ALWAYS willing and excited to visit with you! Often they love to share stories and fun facts about times they lived through... take notes and write a paper! Learn! Its so exciting!!! Even if you aren't writing papers or volunteering just taking the time to spend a few extra minutes with the elderly in your circle will greatly bless your heart!

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  1. Oh so true Trin'! I need to remind myself that too. It is hard to imagine what they were like when they were my age, but it is fascinating the stories they have to tell!