Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello Everyone!
I know it has been such a long time since i've written! i was looking at past posts and really its been about a year! I hadn't meant to abandon the blog for so long, but it has been a very busy year! The end of September my family moved from our home in the city to a peice of acreage in a small country town. I have to admit i wasn't at all excited about the move, i liked living in the city! Or at least i thought I did! :) We packed and moved all within less than two weeks... it was such a rush and Liz and I and some very dear friends did quite a lot of the packing since my parents were at the hospital with our sister Sarah. She had her first baby, my absolutely darling niece, Suzy, the same weekend we moved. We were up until absurd hours that weekend, packing, putting things in the truck, driving until the wee hours with several back and forth trips. Needless to say we were all a little burnt out by the time the first days of October came up on the calender. Liz and I hadn't even seen the house until we drove up that weekend with our first load of boxes and furniture to unload. It was really quite sweet, i had to admit. It was white with a peaked roof and little fruit trees around and lots of lawn and flowers. At the back of the house there was a covered patio and darling little pantry. Moving on from there was a path that led past a little red garden shed, a well house and more fruit trees. From there you can see the shop, a large white building towards the back of the property and attached was a woodshed. Past the shop is another half acre or so of fruit trees, pine, fir and cedar. It was beautiful!
I so badly want to add some pictures at some point so you can can see it all, but it will have to wait until i have longer to spend here at the computer. Inside the house was lovely as well. It was cozy with a woodstove, and open stairway, a lovely tiled bathroom upstairs and down and a cute kitchen with some granite counters and a window that is above the sink. It looks out over the back lawn and flowerbeds... I think Mama will also be able to see her new chickens from there as well, which will please her I'm sure. :D From the living room windows and my bedroom window we can see such a beautiful view of the mountains and the sunrises... I have never been a very good early riser, but with such and incentive, its much more fun than it used to be. :)
Our first few weeks in the country were a little hard for me. I did find that I liked it a great deal, but i was a smidgen bored and not quite sure what I was supposed to do? It took some time for me to settle in and find how truely blessed I was to be able to live in the beautiful country surrounded by gorgeous lakes, with mountains just a short drive away and the peaceful quiet of small town life. There was no sound of constant traffic, which i had been used to, no smell of traffic fumes, or hum of streetlights. In fact with the exception of a few streetlights in the small town there are none where we live, and you can see the stars so incredibly clearly! Imagine thate! :) It took only those first few weeks to adjust and I fell in love. I was never bored again! I'm looking forward to the summer, helping Mama with canning and gardening. Im eager to help my Dad in the Shop. He says he ll have all kinds of stuff for me to do and it sounds great! We are only about a half hour or so from our favorite camping spot and within walking distance to swimming and fishing at the river. Dad and Mom are planning to get there hunting liscense in the Fall which sounds interesting. The men all stand around on the weekends talking about rifles and cleaning rifles and lining them up, proudly admiring them and chatting non stop about them. :)
I know that even though I had no desire to live here, the Lord knew better. He had such an exciting new plan for our lives! I had grown rather stagnant and tired without even noticing and now I am learning so much and enjoying this new life past describing. I am so thankful for living here and so thankful for my wonderful parents, and so thankul to the Lord for this beautiful world he has created and for the wonderful things he plans for us! Hopefully I'll be able to write again soon and share with you about the things I'm learning everyday! May the Lord bless your week! Thankyou for reading!:)