Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today my parents got up super early and were practically out the door before the rest of us had shown our faces. They set out on a jaunt to Gold Hill about 2 hours from our house and were gone all day... about three pm my dad called my brother in law and told him that they were stuck on an old back road some 1 and a half hours into the mountains. He said that it was big rock gravel and that the tires on the truck were spinning out and they couldn't make it back up the hill to get out. He said that he had one more plan and would give it a go and then call back if that didn't work. Nearly and hour later he called back and said they were out and were headed home, but we didn't get the best part of the story until they got here. :) After we had all gathered around to hear how there day had gone, Dad commenced telling us about their "situation"....Apparently they decided that the best way to get back up the steep hill was to turn the truck around and go up backwards...They tried that a few times and still they had no success. Mama is huge on prayer when it comes to these situations, so she asked my Dad if they could try it one more time and she would sit in the back to add some extra weight to that end. Dad said he didn't see what good that would do, but might as well give it a go. Mama stepped into the bed of the truck and Dad closed the tailgate and then got into the cab to give it some gas. Wether it was the added weight of mama in the bed or (more likely) the prayer going on, when my dad hit the gas, the truck sped up the hill backwards without a hitch. They continued on their way, taking miles of back road and enjoying every moment of being together in the beautiful wilderness. There was no complaining, no harsh feelings about the incident, no worries and as the day progressed and they were nearly home, my dad told my mama that he had had the most blessed day, because he had been able to go to his favorite place in the world with his most favorite person in the world. I know I'm such a mush for these romantic moments, but this was too precious not to share! And I can't help but feel like there is a deep lesson of being supportive and loving to your man even when he makes a mistake or maybe doesn't quite know what he s gonna do about a problem. The biggest tool my mama uses is quietness in these moments and lots of prayer and support, and look what happens! :) A lovely peacefulness amidst frustration and difficulty! She is well anchored in the Lord, and how I long to learn to be that way as well! :)

Love you Dad and Mama! :D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today my sister and her husband moved into their new house... for the last few weeks we had been blessed with having them stay with us. (They were just waiting for all the legal stuff to be taken care of with their new home so they could move in.)
At first I was a little concerned that things were gonna be too cramped and uncomfortable, and while things may not have been "ideal" I was surprised at how it all worked out. It was a blast!! Things were cramped and a bit crowded, but no one seemed to mind... we spent long evenings talking in the living room and playing games... Dad led devotions and we all prayed together... we ate many dinners outside around the bbq pit and then on the weekends we went to the river for swimming and picnics. It was a wonderful time that I will remember always. It was the first time in several years that I was able to spend extra time with my sisters and It was very special. Besides! How often does that happen when people marry and move away! It was so unexpected and splendid in that way! The Lord does indeed have a time for everything and who would have thought there would be a time when we would all live together in the same house one more time. :) It blessed my heart and I was so thankful,and today, as I watched them drive down the lane with the last trailer of boxes, I cried. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Catch Up :)

Summer Time!!!
Its been so long since I was last able to post, but I finally got around to taking some pictures of the garden and family over the last couple of months. I even took a few pictures of the newest members of the farm...They joined us about 2 weeks ago, and I have to say they are the sweetest things! :D
Today it was hot and sunny, and I had time to snap some photos of my sister and her husband, that I thought I would add :)
Aren't they sweet!!
This picture was taken on the trail that leads to our garden ...
When we first moved in we didn't even notice these tiny birdhouses hanging from the trees... I've spotted two of them recently, a general store and this one. Aren't they darling! :)
Part of the garden...Dad and Richard put the pvc over the boxes so that they could cover them with plastic and Mama's tomato's wouldn't die. They were so cute they looked like a covered wagon:)
More Garden...
And meet Miss Velvet! She's so sweet and gives us rich, delicious, creamy milk twice a day. Actually I didn't like goats milk at all...everyone always talks about its gamey flavor and the yucky aftertaste that's common with goat cheese, but this time when I took a drink, I waited for the taste and waited and it didn't come! I took another taste and waited and still there was no taste! I poured a big glass and drank the whole thing! Yum! Its amazing! NO flavor...just very sweet and delicious. My mama and I have decided that its all about how you care for the milk once its in the bucket. We put our milk pail in a bucket of ice and milk into the cold pail, then we take it directly inside and strain it into glass milk bottles setting a sink full of ice water. Afterwards it is immediatley covered and placed in the fridge...the result the next morning: Absolutely delicious, ice cold, milk. :D
And here is velvet...She's a yearling and will freshen about Christmas time! yay! :D
Miss Ella :)
Yay! Chickens! Dad converted the old garden shed into a sweet little coop for our 18 chickens...its covered on one side with a lilac, isn't it darling!
My sweet sisters! I love them so much! Lately we've been able to spend lots of time together since Rich and Sarah moved over here too! Good memories! :)
Two of my favorite people in the world! Happy Early Birthday to you Sarah Jane!!
Dad and Mama! If you don't know my parents I wish you did! They're amazing people! They accomplish things so fast and are such wonderful and inspiring people! :)
Our precious Suzy! She's the sweetest little baby ever! She loves hugs and cuddles and those little chubby cheeks are perfect for kissing!
I couldn't resist adding just a few pictures of my kittens...they were born about 6 weeks ago and are almost ready for new homes. They are so fat and healthy and sweet and the best little hunters you can imagine. Their mama is teaching that a mouse a day keeps that vet away :)lol
Dan hard at work digging fence posts and Rich and Sarah in the background stretching fence...
Daddy, tilling up the garden...I love this picture, it reminds me of when I was a little girl and would sit on the lawn in the back yard and watch , or my sisters and I would line up behind him and walk in his exact footsteps as he tilled, following him like a little train :)
lol! They're so cute!!
Awww! :D
Velvet gazing at me from across the yard...

Little sweethearts!
Rich and Sarah's kitten, Sherbert

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leading By Example

Today was long and hot one on our little farm and everyone was tired from working... Dad and Mama had been outside since 7 am and it was now a little after nine. I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink and not really thinking about anything in particular... perhaps just how I could hardly wait to get to bed... I finished the dishes and headed for the cleaning closet to get the broom so I could sweep the floors. As I grabbed the broom I happened to look out the the back door window and see my Dad... There he was sitting in his camp chair under the big shade tree on out back lawn, reading his Bible. Often times my Dad has told my sisters and I, and now my wonderful "brothers" , that we need to continually be in the word, spending time with our saviour and learning and growing, but more than telling us, he practices it... daily!
I don't think I have often really thought about quotes like : "Your actions speak louder than you're words" or "lead by example" you? Onlookers of parents with their children can often tell exactly how much this is true! Wether we want to be or not, we are examples and teachers to the people close to us... I look at my niece and see the way she moves her eyebrows just like her daddy or laughs just like my sister, with that unique little squeal. I'll never forget the time that I answered the door for our wood man and was chattering with him until mama came in from the kitchen...He looked at my mom and told her that in every way I was a little miniature of her! I even talked just like her! Isn't it funny, how we just have to be around someone for a while and we start to pick up their habits and little quirks!
Anyway, looking out the back door that afternoon and seeing Dad sitting their spending time with the Lord, spoke more to me than if he was constantly telling me to do so. It meant that his relationship with his King was important! That he was enjoying that fellowship....he had purposely found that quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle, to put God first and the whole scene spoke volumes to my heart! He didn't even have to say a word. :)

What a wonderful father we have! May the Lord bless him richly!!