Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leading By Example

Today was long and hot one on our little farm and everyone was tired from working... Dad and Mama had been outside since 7 am and it was now a little after nine. I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink and not really thinking about anything in particular... perhaps just how I could hardly wait to get to bed... I finished the dishes and headed for the cleaning closet to get the broom so I could sweep the floors. As I grabbed the broom I happened to look out the the back door window and see my Dad... There he was sitting in his camp chair under the big shade tree on out back lawn, reading his Bible. Often times my Dad has told my sisters and I, and now my wonderful "brothers" , that we need to continually be in the word, spending time with our saviour and learning and growing, but more than telling us, he practices it... daily!
I don't think I have often really thought about quotes like : "Your actions speak louder than you're words" or "lead by example" you? Onlookers of parents with their children can often tell exactly how much this is true! Wether we want to be or not, we are examples and teachers to the people close to us... I look at my niece and see the way she moves her eyebrows just like her daddy or laughs just like my sister, with that unique little squeal. I'll never forget the time that I answered the door for our wood man and was chattering with him until mama came in from the kitchen...He looked at my mom and told her that in every way I was a little miniature of her! I even talked just like her! Isn't it funny, how we just have to be around someone for a while and we start to pick up their habits and little quirks!
Anyway, looking out the back door that afternoon and seeing Dad sitting their spending time with the Lord, spoke more to me than if he was constantly telling me to do so. It meant that his relationship with his King was important! That he was enjoying that fellowship....he had purposely found that quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle, to put God first and the whole scene spoke volumes to my heart! He didn't even have to say a word. :)

What a wonderful father we have! May the Lord bless him richly!!

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