Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today my parents got up super early and were practically out the door before the rest of us had shown our faces. They set out on a jaunt to Gold Hill about 2 hours from our house and were gone all day... about three pm my dad called my brother in law and told him that they were stuck on an old back road some 1 and a half hours into the mountains. He said that it was big rock gravel and that the tires on the truck were spinning out and they couldn't make it back up the hill to get out. He said that he had one more plan and would give it a go and then call back if that didn't work. Nearly and hour later he called back and said they were out and were headed home, but we didn't get the best part of the story until they got here. :) After we had all gathered around to hear how there day had gone, Dad commenced telling us about their "situation"....Apparently they decided that the best way to get back up the steep hill was to turn the truck around and go up backwards...They tried that a few times and still they had no success. Mama is huge on prayer when it comes to these situations, so she asked my Dad if they could try it one more time and she would sit in the back to add some extra weight to that end. Dad said he didn't see what good that would do, but might as well give it a go. Mama stepped into the bed of the truck and Dad closed the tailgate and then got into the cab to give it some gas. Wether it was the added weight of mama in the bed or (more likely) the prayer going on, when my dad hit the gas, the truck sped up the hill backwards without a hitch. They continued on their way, taking miles of back road and enjoying every moment of being together in the beautiful wilderness. There was no complaining, no harsh feelings about the incident, no worries and as the day progressed and they were nearly home, my dad told my mama that he had had the most blessed day, because he had been able to go to his favorite place in the world with his most favorite person in the world. I know I'm such a mush for these romantic moments, but this was too precious not to share! And I can't help but feel like there is a deep lesson of being supportive and loving to your man even when he makes a mistake or maybe doesn't quite know what he s gonna do about a problem. The biggest tool my mama uses is quietness in these moments and lots of prayer and support, and look what happens! :) A lovely peacefulness amidst frustration and difficulty! She is well anchored in the Lord, and how I long to learn to be that way as well! :)

Love you Dad and Mama! :D

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