Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~Lampshades and Curtains~
I first grew interested in making lampshade covers when I seen the cute ones my friend Emily had made for her home. She told me it was like making tiny skirts. :) I thought that sounded pretty easy so I tried it out. While it probably wasn't as easy as I had hoped, after a few tries I had made several that I liked.
The yellow one I made for my bedroom lamp when we first moved in to our new house and the pleated one with the gingham bow I made just recently to replace the sad little shade covering the lamp in the living room. It's so fun to make your own shades because you can pick the styles and colors to suit your own decorating needs, and everything you need is usually right in you're own sewing basket!

For this one I used two tea towels sewn together... I pleated them around the top of the lampshade to fit, just like a little skirt, and then I sewed up the back seam and tied the gingham bow around the top because it matched the fabric in the curtains and the coffee table runner.
This one I made for my bedroom... I wanted something light and feminine, so I chose to add a ruffle to the bottom, and make it a drawstring "skirt" instead of a gathered or pleated one. I cut fabric in the shape of an a line skirt, then I hemmed it and made a casing at the top. I threaded a ribbon through the top and there it was! As sweet as could be! :)
We had also been thinking about the curtain situation in the living room for a while...we had been considering buying new curtains, but they are just so expensive! Instead we tried this new idea that I got from a friends mother (check out my friends blog here:

The secret to their cost effectiveness lies in the fact that the triangles are merely tea or dinner napkins ironed in half and then lain over the center of your curtain rod. It is so cute when you change up the napkins for each room or use one common one throughout the house and then change up the accent napkins. It also works delightfully for the changing seasons and holidays, and its so blessedly easy on the pocket book...cost of this set times 3 windows: $8.00.... :)

My next project is a making a new shower curtain for my bathroom. Pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Beautiful Things

Lately I have been inspired by beautiful things....I went to an antique store with my mom a few weeks ago and couldn't help but feel thrilled by the beauty of "old" beautiful things! There's just something special about things that someone else cherished and loved enough to preserve over the years, and of course there's the extra perk of finding something that is "just perfect" for only 50 cents. :)


I absolutely love the pillow above! doesn't a pillow just add a touch of luxury to outdoor seating?!

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I'm such a fan of outdoor luncheons and tea parties! Who doesn't enjoy an afternoon of sweet beverage and good conversation!! In addition the decorating at such get-to-gethers is always fabulous, unique, and inspiring.

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I love the idea of flowers in old bottles and romantic and whimsical! Wouldn't it be charming for a wedding?

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I'm definitely the sort of person who would buy milk at the store in its ugly carton or jug and bring it home to put in my sweet old glass milk bottles. :) Better yet, if the milk is fresh and rich and has never come in contact with the super market. ;-)

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I ve been thinking that each week I would like to try and and post pictures of something new that I've made or found for our home. I have to admit I'm kind've a sucker for anything shabby chic or even anything that tends in that direction. While most shabby chic name brand home furnishings are decidedly outside my budget I've found that you can often find them at good will and other thrift stores. Also, it absolutely does not have to be name brand to be your FAVORITE thing EVER! It can be home made or a thrift store find...something from a flea market or online boutique, a family heirloom! An antique...the main thing is to remember to use it or put it somewhere where you get to enjoy it! Hiding it away for safe keeping is so sad, when it never comes out to be enjoyed and appreciated!

Who doesn't love a fun cottage surrounded with blooms! :D


When I was a little girl we had a beautiful blue and white bathroom with a white claw foot tub. I remember mom sanding and painting the tub herself. It was so deep and fun! This picture reminded me of that... and even better then the white one, this one is pink!!!!

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I love the idea of rolling towels up and placing them on shelves or stands...

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There's something about white or light colored bedding that is luxurious and inviting! How wonderful is it to slip into a cozy bed after a day of hard work...or even perhaps for the occasional, well deserved nap?? :)



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.....And if there's not enough time to slip into the bedroom for a rest, the cozy corner with a cup of tea, always has its charm ~

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being Thankful!!
Recently I have read so many blog posts about be thankful! It has been such a blessing to my heart and the other day when I was rather struggling with feeling thankful, my mom came up to me and gave me a hug and told me that thanksgiving starts with joy in your heart! She reminded me to take time to praise the Lord in the everyday"ness" of everything!
And Now! For A few things I have been feeling thankful for today!

* The abundance of fresh beautiful yellow squash in the garden for us to eat
* The puppies!
* My sister Majesta...because she's alive and healthy!
* My little sister Liz, because she has such a sweet heart and talks me out of crankiness :D
* Mama, because she reminds me to be thankful
* The Lord's saving grace
* The fact that I can look forward to heaven EVERYDAY!! :D