Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Review of the year! :)
I always start with Christmas when I think of this year in review. Sarah Jane bought my Dad this Santa hat a couple of years ago at Christmas time and last Christmas all the guys wore it for awhile.
Somebody stealing a kiss from Santa Baby :)
We stayed up until 2 am on Christmas Eve building this GingerBread house. It was so much fun!! :) As seems to be the case whenever we build a gingerbread house, this one fell apart shortly after we shot these pictures.
Our Family last Christmas- This was about ten days before Dan and Lizzie's wedding...
Which brings me to their wedding day!! It was the fastest planned wedding ever and one that could not have worked out without the Lord's guiding hand. It was amazing how quickly things came together and how beautiful it all was, thanks to many dear friends who pitched in with everything from the flowers to cake.
The beautiful Bride... her sweet friend Amy did everybody's hair...we got up early the day of the wedding and met at her house and she curled and combed as we all jabbered over cups of hot french press coffee with lots of cream. What a special memory! :)
We somehow all found our dress literally only a few days before the wedding, with the exception of Liz's...she got her's from a shop in Lebanon a few weeks before and it was quickly altered by a friend of a friend. This seamstress was amazing and when Mama brought it home it fit Liz to a t-
Sarah and I got to be Lizzie's maids of honor together. It was such a blast! Who would have thought that my little sisters would be my best friends in all the world!!
Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gillam!!! :)

ON the night of the rehearsal as Dad was walking Liz down the aisle, he suddenly picked Lizzie up and started running the other way, hollering something about Daniel trying to catch him if he could! :D

Dan and Lizzie got to honeymoon at the beach...
S0metime in February we got a nice big snow...we got several throughout that winter, including a nice storm the week of Thanksgiving, but this one trumped them all, lasting the better part of a week. The picture below is the view from the picture window in our living room.

In the spring for Daniel birthday, we went to a rock climbing gym in Beaverton. It was so much fun and we ladies were so exhausted! Daniel and his friends looked like they could have another go at it right away!
We only got to make one trip to the beach this summer...we headed down sometime in...April I think. We went to Florence for the first time since I was a little girl. It was a beautiful warm day and their was a carnival and farmers market going on down at the docks. We walked and played and ended the day on a quiet beach with a delicious picnic... It made me long for the sunset to last forever. Isn't the beach relaxing! :)

On June first my Dad retired. The first week home we started all kinds of building projects. First the fence for the huge garden and then the raised beds and the goat pens and chicken house etc...It was a busy summer. We didn't get to travel too far because of that, but we young people did spend many evenings at the lake swimming and we took off a weekend to go camping. :)
This picture was taken a the day Dan and Lizzie and I set off in Dan's truck to spend a week working for a farmer Daniel knew. We sure do look cheerful here! It was a memorable time indeed! It was the hardest work I had ever done! We spent hours everyday weeding the acres of raspberries. We literally worked until our fingers bled! Through the leather gloves even! At night we camped by the farmers sore we could hardly eat, just fall into our beds. It was hot and by the end of two weeks we were as brown as indians. I came home with some very good memories, but I was not at all eager to weed again!

My Dad built a brick bbq pit in our back lawn and we spent a lot of time out there this past summer eating s' mores and gazing at the stars. We spent the night out there several times, but one night just as we had all drifted off a thunderstorm hit. It was the weirdest thing and really frightening. Needless to say we made a beeline for the house.

Mama and Suzy...she's such a sweet baby girl! She's over a year old now and I can hardly believe it! She walks and jabbers and is so energetic!

We had kittens this summer too... we kept this one and named him fat louie...I couldn't resist this picture of him sitting in this pick bucket that he found himself. Shortly after this picture was taken he disappeared from our farm. :(

Precious Susannah! We are all in love with her sweetness and the blessing she is to everyone :)
Dan and Liz at our campsight. We forgot to buy groceries and ended up having potatoes every day twice a day! hahaha! It was absurd and I was sick of them by the time we came home, but we had a wonderful time!

The end of this summer Meemee gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. All boys! :) They are so energetic and happy and desperately need homes! If you want one please let me know! :D

Now it seems like everyone is settling down for winter...we just finished putting up out wood for the winter, lots of yummy canned food in the pantry and Dad getting ready to start his greenhouse. I have been enjoying strawberry black tea with lots of cream and sitting by the wonderful warm fire that Dad builds us every morning. Liz and I take lots of long walks and enjoy the fall colors and these last few days our ground has been hard and frozen. Tonight, Dad was saying he thinks the snow will be here soon! I am so looking forward to the Christmas season and family gettogethers! The Lord has blessed us so much and I am so thankful! May the Lord bless you as well!
Greetings from our home to yours!!! :)

Open Windows~

Last night I was going through my weekly Bible Study and a quote by Beth Moore caught my attention.
"The only way to get through a window God doesn't open is to break it yourself. This window is sure to leave you injured. Don't do it....Wait on the Lord...Someday you'll be glad you did. "

I was thinking about several times in my life when I'v felt like there should be a "window" there... a door, a hatch! Something! And there just wasn't! Surely there was something I could do to make it work! Looking back I can sometimes see the reasons the Lord closed those windows, sometimes I don't see a single reason at all, but regardless, this quote reminded me how thankful I should be for the closed windows! Thankful too for the strength to walk away from the ones that I thoroughly desired to just break into! Thankful for being saved the "cuts" and "wounds" that are always sure to come when we run ahead of the Lord and lean on our own understandings rather that trusting and waiting on Him!