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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Encouraging News

Today was Andy's three week appointment after starting chemo. We both felt pretty good going into it and maybe just a little anxious. They did some labs first thing and then we got to talk to the doctor. He started out by saying that his labs were excellent, almost unbelievably so...his white blood cell counts were down and his red were holding normal. There was no hit to his immune system at all, even with the chemo. We already really knew that since I got very sick last week with a bad cold and Andy never got it! Praise God! :) Doctor Kornfeld asked how Andys nausea and pain were. How surprised and pleased he was to find that Andy has been taking pain medication and nausea medicine hardly at all...about twice a week at most. He said that logically it sounds as though the cancer is shrinking since we KNOW that the pain was caused by the tumor and the pain is, now, mostly nonexistent. We will be doing another six weeks of chemo and then he will have his next CT Scan to check the progress...after that he said he will most likely have another nine weeks and then we will decide wether to do the biological clinical trials at OHSU. So far Dr. Kornfeld is very impressed and encouraged. He told us at one point that what he has learned in cancer treatment is AWE! AWE at all that happens that just simply cannot be explained. Well Doctor Kornfeld, we have an explanation for this one! Our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! :) And we are so in awe of all he has been doing in our lives and the way he has provided/is providing for us! Its too amazing for words! We feel so blessed and encouraged by all who are praying! Thank you so much for your support! As of now, Andy is having his three week chemo treatment and then we won't have to come back for an entire three weeks, unless Andy feels sick, but the doctor says that right now he is doing so well that he doesn't see any need to schedule any appointments until his next chemo round. Andy sat there grinning when he said this, pleased to be unleashed from the "every other day appointments" .:)
  All in all, thank you Lord and praise your name! All glory is yours!

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