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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Wonderful News :)

"Do not be afraid for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. "

  Hopeful...I guess that sums it all up! We were just so hopeful that things would look good on Andy's CT Scan today. I was trying to hard to curb anxiety and trust God and sometimes it is SO HARD!
  The day started out with sweet husband passing out after his lab draw! He has never done that so it was quite a surprise. They think it was because his blood pressure dropped suddenly, but it was much better within about five minutes and he was up and ready to go! He was laying on the clinic bed asking me if I thought he could just walk out there and tell them he was ready to start his chemo. :)  About then the doctor came in and told us that there was good news. I breathed a sigh of relief. :)
 He told us that the large mass of cancer in Andy's abdomen had shrunk significantly. "Well how much is that?" we wanted to know. 
   Dr. Kornfeld smiled:  "About 80-90%. "
Wow! Just WOW! We couldn't quite believe it!  This was way more than we had expected!
We had both agreed that we would have been happy with any amount of shrinking! To have so much was above and beyond what we had hoped for! But then isn't that how God works! He is always there, ready to bless us above and beyond what we could have EVER imagined! He is so amazing and we are in so much awe of his amazing work in Andy's body!
   The doctor is very optimistic about Andy's progress. He is pleased that blood work is consistently coming back looking fantastic and vital organs are functioning just as they should. He is pleased that Andy is finally gaining weight and all around, just looking well! I'm sure there are people out there who are thinking, "WOW what a powerful drug! Medicine has really come a long way!" To you I would say...yah, medicine is a good thing, but God is so much more powerful and as a dear friend reminded me last night, HE is the great physician and the only true HEALER!
  As far as other news goes, we are still loving our new home in sisters! I had hoped to have pictures ready to post at this point, but alas, I have not even thought of putting them on the computer! :)  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting my side of the family, this year. We ate much delicious food and took many naps. :) There was much laughing and conversation and we came away with many good memories. We are looking forward to our first Christmas together this year and enjoy spending lots of time talking about the baby to come. :) We are due on May 28th and can hardly wait to meet this little one, but at the same time enjoying the wonderful journey of getting there. SO IMPORTANT to enjoy each day in its own since we've no guarantee of tomorrow or even another breath! This is something Andy reminds me of almost daily as I try to get ahead of myself or start voicing my concerns about this or that in the future. :)
  Thank you to every one who is praying! We still have a few more concerns, especially with the two lymphnodes by Andy's left kidney. The cancer in them has grown  about a centimeter since his last CT scan, even thought the rest has been shrinking and the doctor thinks the cancer there has mutated slightly. He is going to try a different drug at Andy's next infusion, and cut back on the two he is taking now. His next infusion is scheduled to be sometime around the first of the year and then he will have one more after that before having another CT scan. After that the doctor said we will be talking about some other options, although we don't know what at this point. Possibly biological trials or even a surgery to remove what is left of the mass in his stomach? It is all a mystery for now, but it IS comforting knowing that God knows exactly what the future holds, and on that note I have to get going, but thank you once again for all the prayer and support! We love you all!

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