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Friday, December 27, 2013

Our December

Our December has been a good one, and a hard one a few times!
My parents planned and paid for a trip to send us all to a resort at Eagle Crest for a week, the beginning of December. It was a wonderful time of relaxation and fun. We had a cooking contest and every couple made breakfast and dinner one day of the week. My parents did the grading and we were scored on everything from presentation to food flavor. It was awesome! We had all kinds of different things, but Dan and Liz one the honors on Wednesday night with a beautiful Hawaiian Luau Style dinner. Everything was beautiful with seafood kabobs, grilled potatoes, platters of tropical fruits fashioned into palm trees and tropical fish and a delicious creamy drink served in hollowed out pineapples. It was nothing short of amazing. The guys spent time playing pool, Settlers of Catan and Monopoly and one day we ladies got treated to an afternoon at the spa. We all came home refreshed with such great memories!
      Starting pretty much right after we got home, Andy experienced a week and half of rather miserable nausea and chemo side effects, that up until this time, had been mostly nonexistent. It came on fairly suddenly. He woke up feeling yucky and nauseated one morning and it pretty much got worse through out the day. I did my best to keep him nourished, but despite all my efforts he dropped all ten pounds he had gained in the last month and a half. Sad day. I admit to feeling very discouraged and unqualified for the task of taking care of my sweetheart. I took him to see the nurse about three days into it and she was pleased that despite Andy's nausea and vomiting, he was still well hydrated and his blood and immunity looked wonderful. I breathed a sigh of relief and took my husband home. Turns out that the chemo side effects started to diminish as soon as his cycle of oral chemo was over and he has gotten a little better everyday. Those were hard days for him and me, as Christmas got closer and closer and we felt discouraged ,thinking that we were mostly likely going to have to spend the holidays by ourselves. ( We were both having a pity party) ;) The day before Christmas Eve we made the decision to stay home because Andy was still feeling so ill in the evenings and we were afraid that going out might make him worse. The day was gray and rainy and I was having a hard time in general just watching Andy lay on the couch looking gloomy. I knew what he was thinking and how he was missing his family and wishing he could just beam himself there with them. ;)  Suddenly the whole idea of staying home just seemed ridiculous. I knelt down by the couch and smiled at him. "Lets go" I said..." Shall we just go?"
  "hmmm, maybe? Guess I'm gonna be sick no matter where I am and Id rather be with our families for Christmas. "
  It was settled in a matter of minutes. We packed some clothes and got in the car and in a few hours we had made it to his parents. It was a wonderful time! We spent a few days with his family and then a few days with mine and the long drives were pleasant and totally worth it! I found a new appreciation and awe for our mothers who, pretty much single handedly, prepared amazing meals for the families they love so much. All of the work they went to, to take such good care of us! Mothers are truly amazing! And the fathers too! I definitely seen two wonderful fathers, thoughtfully deboning the turkeys after dinner and helping with the cleanup. We came home thoroughly spoiled and so encouraged! It is amazing how uplifting Godly families can be to tired hearts and sick bodies! :)
   Today we came in for Andy's next chemo infusion and a check up. Doctor Kornfeld did the regular labs and then cut two of Andy's chemo meds in half. He put him on a new one that is supposed to shrink the small cancerous spots by his left kidney. The nurse told us that hopefully this will get everything contained/small enough that they can perhaps operate to remove it. We are looking at one more infusion for the middle of January and then another CT Scan. Andy's labs again came out looking fabulous and the Doctor said that he is very surprised, but very pleased. Andy is continuing to maintain good health despite everything. Praise God!
   We are supplementing the chemo with as much natural medicine as possible. We took a break from juicing when I was sick with pregnancy, but thankfully my nausea has been leaving and we have commenced once again. Andy thinks it helps him and I am pleased because I can get so many nutrients into his blood stream. Please continue to pray as we experience the ups and downs that come with Chemotherapy. Things are looking very encouraging and we are hopeful that soon the chemo will be over.
  Lots of Love from us to you! Thank you for praying!
                                                    Andy and Trin

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