Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Days

I went on a road trip with my parents this weekend... I spent many hours talking to Aimee-Jane and watching her smile from her car seat... I ate too many York peppermint patties and drank a few too many root beers... I listened to quite a lot of classic country and had long conversations with Dad and Mama about everything from angels to the price of gas. A misspelled word in the menu of a country restaurant hit my funny bone just right and I had one of those "I cant stop laughing" moments. It would have maybe been a little embarrassing except that it hit mama's funny bone just right too and poor dear dad was the only one who turned a little red. :)  I watched my parents walk down the sidewalk in front of me holding hands and laughing and I had one of those "I miss Andy so much I can hardly breathe moments", and Aimee-Jane had her first tummy ache and we talked and snuggled until six in the morning when she finally fell asleep.
It was really one of those epic perfect weekends that you know you will never forget. I watched as my brother in law, Aaron, married his sweetheart and I cried when they had their first dance together. So many hugs and great fellowship with Andy's family. I keep saying "Andy's family" when I refer to them, but really, to me, they are as much "my" family as my family and I wouldn't want to do without a single one.
My Aimee-Jane is growing a little more all the time. Her cousin Jack thinks she's just the cats meow... he wakes up most mornings and comes running to my room asking for "the baby". He crawls up on the bed and we watch her sleep or I let him pat her head gently. I'm glad she'll have him to watch out for her as she grows. I doubt he would ever let anything happen to his "Emmy-Jean" as he calls her, as long as he can help it. :)
The Lord has certainly blessed us greatly. In so many ways that we can't even begin to count them. I am so thankful that he has given me such amazing family and that he gave little Aimee-Jane in the midst of all the tears and heartache. Such a wonderful precious little gift! Lots of times I can hardly believe that she's mine. She smiles up at me and giggles and my heart just melts. I often wondered about the love of mamas...  my mama told me that I wouldn't fully understand it until I had a child of my own and now I'm beginning to see why. Its a love that tugs on your heart and is different from all the other kinds. Its so much sacrifice and joy all mingled together. Its all the little moments that tattoo themselves on your heart and are with you forever. Its beautiful... its hard... its precious and heart wrenching... its completely and totally unforgettable.