Beauty is not so much what you see, but what you dream.
~Old Proverb~

Monday, December 29, 2014

Catching up

                     Cleaning and Scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,
                      For babies grow up, we've learned, to our sorrow.
                        So quiet down cobwebs,
                     And dust! Go to sleep!
                         I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep....

So if I were Aimee-Jane....

                  " These last few months have been so exciting! Me and mama moved into our own little house and we have have been getting used to that. It seems like it took mama forever to get things in order, but maybe it was because I was teething and needed more snuggles then usual.

     Last week was a busy one with the holidays…I seen Grampa and Gramma Starr at the beginning of the week and then  Grampa and Gramma Wells the end of the week. I had so much fun opening presents. Well okay,  actually I had way more fun rattling wrapping paper and chewing on boxes… I didn’t understand why we had to thow all of those good  chew toys in the bin outside! My favorite presents where the stuffed animals. I got a pink bunny from the Starr side and a little Winnie the Pooh from the Wells side. I love them both. I sleep with my bunny and pooh bear is my constant companion the rest of the time. He has a very nice little black nose that I have been busy teething on. Speaking of those teeth! I have one and another on the way! Teething days are hard for me, but I have been taking them like a champ. Mama makes good use of something that tastes like strawberries and comes in a little white tube. She smears it on my gums and no more tears!

  This week I have been learning how to go to bed. Who knew it could be so tough! Often I will fall asleep about eight thirty and then about half an hour later I like to wake up and come out and play with toys. I like to wriggle out of my covers and then perch on my pillow and squeal for mama. She comes in and I laugh and giggle. She tries to hide her smile and puts me back under the covers. At first I boohooed about it quite a bit, but now Im realizing that I have to sleep when she says so that I can get up nice and early EVERY DAY! Like at five am!  It has been a little bit of a battle because Im kinda stubborn…who wants to take credit for that? No takers???? But I am doing so well now! Bedtime still isn’t my favorite time of day but its okay because I have a long bath first, when I can play with my toys and sip some water from the faucet. Then we have snuggles and talk about the day and thank Jesus for it, and then, finally, I snuggle under my covers and try not to think about the toys… in the basket… in the living room… so I can fall asleep.

 Mommy and I go for a walk or a run almost every day with Auntie Liz or Gramma Wells. I LOVE walks! It has been cold lately and I have to wear a hat or two and several layers. Today I looked so cute in the bunting that Auntie Liz gave us! I was like a little Eskimo all bundled up in my stroller. It was like I was laying in the bottom of a hole looking up, Mama had so many blankets on and around me!  I talked the whole time, though. Just jabbered up a storm. There is so much to tell everyone!

  I have been practicing my eating too! I still only eat a very little, but I like ALL kinds of foods! Oh, well, actually… Except for last week mama tried to feed me something called apple sauce and I didn’t like it at all. I promptly spit it back out at her and gagged on any leftovers. She hasn’t tried that one anymore. Some people think I have strange tastes, but I just eat what mama eats. I like sauerkraut and pickles and fish and rice and lentils and beans. Im a huge fan of avocado and spinach and I LOVE oatmeal.

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starr...Do you know how loved you are?"
  I’m pulling myself up on things now days and walking along the edge of furniture. I’ve also figured out how to pull one of mama’s chairs out from under the table and push it across the floor. SO. MUCH. FUN. I chatter and giggle all the way across the kitchen with that glorious red chair.  I can sit in my high chair now too without sliding down, but I don’t really think it’s the best. I much prefer to sit beside mama on the big chair and eat. I try to be tidy, but its so hard. I get so excited you see! I can hardly wait for the next bite and so I squirm and wiggle and bounce and wave my hands every which way! Sometimes I knock the spoon right out of mama’s hand! But the she laughs and wipes things up and puts me in the high chair and says that we will have to do it this way from now on so that we don’t stain the carpet with blueberry oatmeal.

 Life is good and I am growing so much! I’m so busy that, already mama sometimes has a hard time keeping up with me, but we have so much fun! We are already having lots of adventures together and I am such a cheerful and content little person. "